The Brightman Designs team is made up of fast, competent, and friendly 3D modelers ready to help you with your visualization needs. We come from backgrounds in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and work with clients across a variety of professions and industries. Our first-hand design experience allows us to understand the challenges and complexities that come with professional designing, drafting and visualization.

What sets us apart is that we are not just trainers, just designers, or just visualization experts.  We do it all because each of these services informs and complements the other.  A trainer that doesn’t understand design or visualization is not able to speak to the best practices.  These best practices are only developed from first hand experience meeting deadlines and budgets while remaining profitable.

Michael Brightman

Assoc. AIA, M.Arch

Mike Brightman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Masters Degree in Architecture from Kent State University in Ohio. After finishing his degrees he spent several years working in architecture firms creating complex designs and visualizations exclusively using SketchUp — most notably working at Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative in Denver, CO and Urban Studio Architects in Tampa, FL.

After working for Google as a SketchUp trainer and establishing several successful consulting firms, Mike founded Denver-based Brightman Designs in 2013. He’s since gained major industry recognition with his  book, “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” — a guide that outlines his proprietary techniques and processes for using SketchUp Pro in every phase of the professional design process. Mike also created the highly popular ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Pro extension, which expedites the creation of construction documents in SketchUp Pro.

At Brightman Designs, Mike’s goal is to provide his customers with core support services based on real-world design expertise, advanced visualization resources, and collaborative training. As one of only ten authorized “Expert Trainers” for SketchUp, Mike understands how interconnected each of these elements is to the architects, interior designers, and construction professionals he works with every day.

Luke Vercia


Luke Vercia studied Industrial Design at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he started his career as a 3D Data Specialist at Google. His strong interest in sketching and 2D rendering took him to London, where he earned his Master’s Degree in Graphic Design at London Metropolitan University while working as a Graphic Designer at LINE Communications (Learning Technologies Group plc).

He has gained experience in marketing as a Senior Graphic Designer and in consumer goods as a Product Designer. He also returned to the Art Institute of Colorado as an Adjunct Instructor, leading courses in computer modeling, infographics, and portfolio preparation. He is passionate about all design processes from planning to production.

Luke joined Brightman Designs as the Digital Asset Manager. He produces marketing materials for web and print as well as assists with research & development, tutorial preparation, visualization, and 3D modeling.

Angela McCabe

BA Interior Design

Angela McCabe earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Interior Design at Westwood College in Denver, Colorado. She spent the past several years working on 2D drafting and 3D modeling for highly respected commercial and residential design firms in Denver and San Antonio, TX.

Angela’s specialty is translating design concepts into 3D communication tools. She enjoys the enriching experience of working with clients throughout the design process and seeing it through to a successful product.

She brought her passion for design to the Brightman Design team, where she is a Production Modeler supporting the team in 3D modeling using SketchUp and Lumion.

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