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CrowdSource 2D

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CrowdSource 2D provides a complete library of 2D cutout people in the form of PNGs and dynamic SketchUp components. Our characters pose in a variety of realistic situations, allowing visualization professionals to craft a believable story in their renderings.

Each of our characters has over 40 different poses, actions, and props. This means you can use the same character in several images, but doing different things. With CS2D you will never have repetition. Your audience might recognize the same person, but they are always in a different pose.

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How about 18 free characters?

Drag and Drop

CrowdSource2D delivers the 3D file format you need. Other cutout sites deliver 2D images that require several steps to be used. We already did the work for you, cut out the steps, so you can quickly and easily position our characters in your model.


We source and pay all of our talent locally in Denver, Co. Our character models are paid and give legal permission to use their images. You no longer have to wonder if your renderings are above board, or if you are putting your clients at risk. No more blurry faces or sketchy credentials.

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Crowdsourcing characters means we collect a wide range of ages, sexes, and ethnicities. Our characters breathe real life into visualizations, making your concept designs more appealing to diverse audiences by communicating inclusivity.


Our cutouts are perfect for both real-time render engines and composited photoreal photoshop workflows. We deliver native SketchUp files and perfectly masked .png’s. Also, .skp’s can be imported into many other modeling programs.

Here’s How CrowdSource 2D Makes Visualizing Better

Above Board

No more blurry faces or sketchy credentials. Our people are paid and give legal permission to use their images.


High-quality images of diverse people in real situations for an accurate reflection of how people interact in your spaces.


Drag-and-drop into your model, hit render, and send. It doesn’t get much easier to make work your clients will love.


All of our images are hand-picked by our team. People are never staged or forced into unnatural poses.


Click the .skp to give your renderings an extra sense of style like photoreal, silhouette, or black and white dot matrix.