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Mike Brightman is a dedicated architectural designer who holds a Bachelors Degree in Science and a Masters Degree in Architecture from Kent State University in Ohio. Following his education, Mike’s knack for “SketchUp’ing” designs in real-time proved invaluable within various design teams. His journey led him to SketchUp, where he found himself sharing his unique 3D design workflow with design firms and colleges nationwide. Over a decade ago, Mike founded Brightman Designs, focusing on visualizing projects and empowering fellow designers to enhance their SketchUp proficiency. An acclaimed author, he penned “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture” and brought it to life through the innovative ConDoc Tools extension. Today, he continues to design homes in Denver, employing his personalized 3D SketchUp approach while sharing it all on YouTube.


  • School of Architecture & Design, Saint Peter's University 2004
  • Design , National College of Art & Design 2006
  • Architecture MEng (Hons), Leeds School of Architecture 2009