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Without the wasted time of guessing, creating fairy tale projects, or cobbling together strategies

All Business, No Fluff

This is the only course that has you designing real projects with the guidance of a 12-year practicing designer. This is what real 3D architecture looks like.

Even if you’ve been using SketchUp for years, there’s a lot of stuff you don’t know you don’t know…

So you’ve solved the challenge of figuring out which architecture program is right for you. When you get down to brass tacks, SketchUp is a no brainer. So, now what? Despite the promise of  “3D for everyone,” you’re still spending a ton of time trying to figure out the right model organization and layer structures, ways to create efficient workflows, and how to unlock the secrets behind the powerful features you know SketchUp can provide.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re going to make a mess of things…

The fact is, there’s no true soup-to-nuts SketchUp training program out there. At least, not one that provides a clear and actionable methodology that includes valuable resources, templates, title blocks, and plugins to keep you on track and within our defined professional standards. True professionals aren’t getting better by designing dog houses and fairy tale castles. They’re designing real buildings through a systematic and complete workflow process that proven to work again and again.

When you have a clear system for organizing your models and the right resources – so you don’t have to invent them yourself…

You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can produce useful, attractive models and complete drawing sets for your clients. You will be confident and capable to work through all stages of a project.

If SketchUp Pro is a total design solution, consider SketchUp for Professionals your total training solution. After picking apart SketchUp Pro for the last 12 years – and working as a professional architectural designer – I’ve condensed it down into the most practical, actionable system ever. Really, for any architect looking to be an advanced SketchUp user, it’s a game changer.

Join us in SketchUp for Professionals to bypass the guesswork you’ve done in the past. You’ll get the ConDoc system plugin to keep you on track with our standards, along with all the shortcuts, templates, organization systems, workflows, and repeatable processes you need to create professional level design projects for your clients.

Whether you’re a freelancer or retired architect, an interior designer, working at a small or big shop, or an architect-in-training, you’ll finish with a clearly defined system that allows you to create jaw-dropping presentations every time.

Here’s What You Get With SketchUp for Professionals

No matter how many videos you’ve watched, systems you’ve cobbled together, or learnings you’ve been able to uncover through trial and error, SketchUp for Professionals gets straight to the point with what you need, leaving you more in control than ever before.

Specific, Actionable Lessons

Unlike the generic advice you find elsewhere, SUFP is designed with specific results in mind. You’ll be working like a true professional from the get-go,  designing a real building using plans, sections, elevations, and details.

Free Resources

No more searching searching and guessing. We give you the class files, example projects, resources, title blocks, and templates you need to create real, professional designs. Homework assignments continue to reinforce what you learn.

Office Hours

For up to an hour each month, Mike Brightman provides live support for ConDoc Pro Members and SUFP EXT purchasers.

Defined Systems & Processes

Learn how to adapt our flexible, organized, and efficient system to leverages layers, scenes, and styles to your best advantage.

Streamline your workflows, save time and money, and gain confidence.

Stop searching for YouTube Videos
  • Recorded in 4k resolution
  • From beginner to advanced, the starting point for anyone learning SketchUp
With over 9 hours of training (and 3 hours of Extended training), you’ll get “over the shoulder” access to Mike Brightman’s proven systems and processes for creating truly professional 3D designs
  • If you are self taught, learn SketchUp the right way
  • A full course start to finish, vs piecing your own course together on youtube.
  • For professional architects AND interior designers…not “3D for everyone”
  • Lots of resources, including: templates, title blocks, layer sets, extensions
  • Recommendations of trusted, 3rd party programs to save you from searching for the best
  • Homework assignments to give you self-guided practice
  • 3D obstacle course challenges

Efficient and Professional Design in Just 12 Hours

Chapter 1 – Introduction to SketchUp [FREE Access]

Mike Brightman, author of “The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture,” creator of ConDoc Tools, and owner of Brightman Designs, walks you down a clear path for SketchUp success.

Chapter 2 – Simple 2D Geometry: Soccer Field [Free Access]

Learn to draw, segment, and divide edges, and create, delete, and heal surfaces, a critical foundation for moving into more complex modeling tasks.

Chapter 3 – Complex 2D Geometry: Colorado Flag (Extended)

Explore more drawing tools and more advanced strategies: moving points, edges, and surfaces to demonstrate the stickiness of geometry in SketchUp

Chapter 4 – Modeling with Precision:  Axes, Inferences, and Guides [Free Access]

Transition your 2D skills into three dimensions by creating a massing model for a solid void study.

Chapter 5 – Move, Copy, and Array [Free Access]

Get lots of practice with repetition, model navigation, and mastering the modifiers of the Move, Copy, and Array features in the Move Tool Obstacle Course.

Chapter 6 – Rotate, Copy, and Array  (Extended)

Learn how to leverage the Rotate feature in the easiest way possible to save countless steps as you work toward becoming a fast, precise 3D modeler.

Chapter 7 – The Follow Me Tool  (Extended)

Create columns, roofs, gutters, and more with a few simple tricks you may have thought were impossible in SketchUp, saving you time and headaches.

Chapter 8 – Project: The Master Suite [Free Access]

Learn tips for 3D construction and how we utilize the ConDoc System to ensure your projects are 100% clean, efficient, and organized every time.

Chapter 9 – Visualize in Lumion [Free Access]

Learn how to optimize materials, create environments, dial in lights, and use pre-production effects by importing your SketchUp model into Lumion, saving countless hours compared to other rendering programs.

Chapter 10 – Document a Design:  Layers, Styles, and Scenes (Extended)

Take a deeper look at layering standards, naming conventions, styles that are attached to each scene, and how to use the ConDoc Default Template as the best way to keep track of your model in both SketchUp and LayOut.

Chapter 11 – LayOut Presentation Drawings [Free Access]

Learn how to assemble a document set, customize documents with fills, strokes, and annotations, and the process of quickly updating documents for client revisions.





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