Estimator for SketchUp

In last month’s Office Hours Session, we featured guest John Brock from Estimator. He and Mike walked us through the plugin using a real 3D model of a bathroom renovation project. Estimator gives you the ability to assign real-time cost by component, layer, or even material so that you can quickly put together quotes and reports and know exactly how much a project will cost from start to finish. Check out a recap of the session below.

Some of the major benefits of Estimator include:

  • Real-time estimating 100% inside of SketchUp
  • Ability to assign cost data to components
  • Length, area, and volume attributes to generate take-offs
  • Ability to include quotes for labor, general conditions, and more
  • Ability to generate company branded reports

Find out more information on Estimator and try it yourself free for a 14-day trial.