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MyLumion: Client Friendly 3d

By July 20, 2015Blog, Lumion, MyLumion, SketchUp

Once the team at Brightman Designs discovered Lumion we abandoned all other rendering software and haven’t looked back.  We use Lumion every day, on every project.  Last month we were understandably excited when the Lumion 5.7 update came with the new MyLumion — a powerhouse feature that creates lightweight engaging virtual tours with the click of a button. This feature, with it’s simple, time saving functionality, has instantly become a valuable addition to our 3d arsenal.

Take a MyLumion Tour of the Greenness Project – A green build overlooking the puget sounds

The Challenge – Client Delivery

3d is difficult! It’s dangerous to hand off a model to a client hoping they will be able to install a viewer, download and open your file, then navigate through your design unsupervised — all while making constructive comments about the design.  This scenario can quickly turn into a classic example of software getting in the way.


Creating custom flash presentations with virtual tour hotspots is technical and time consuming.

So, how can you deliver an effective 3d experience, ideally online?  In the past we would create virtual tours right from SketchUp using Cubic Pano Out, a sweet little free extension from  (Lot’s of other great stuff there, check them out!)  Then we would import into GoCubic.exe and build a virtual tour.

But then we needed to deliver it.  You could email the .mov files and play them in Quicktime, but that experience was clunky.  As an alternative, we would build flash presentations with hotspots on the plans, then when you clicked a blinking hotspot a virtual tour would open. This was a lengthy, and costly, technical process that simply wasn’t worth it for most projects.

Lumion Provides the Solution

Click "Render and Upload" to render all views, upload, and build an interactive virtual tour.  Clients use the simple user interface to navigate the virtual tour.

Click “Render and Upload” to render all views, upload, and build an interactive virtual tour. Clients use the simple user interface to navigate the virtual tour.

A few years ago Lumion blew our minds by making photorealistic rendering and animation fast, easy, and beautiful. Now, they’ve done it again with client friendly 3d virtual tours from MyLumion.

MyLumion has a simple interface for placing viewpoints within your model to craft the virtual tour — but here’s the kicker — once the viewpoints are set you click just one button! This single click renders all necessary pano images, uploads them to Lumion’s servers, applies them to a pano cube, builds an engaging presentation, and emails you a link.  Done!

On top of that, when you present 3d models in MyLumion revisions are a breeze.  The same dynamic link assigned to stills and animations is used for MyLumion.  Reload, rerender, repeat!

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We love that Lumion quickly and easily produces photorealistic still renderings, animations, and now, thanks to the addition of MyLumion, virtual tours. Like never before you can control your customers 3d experience while delivering a seamless animated presentation from any location on any device.

To see a full presentation on how to easily create virtual tours using Lumion and MyLumion watch our video tutorial below. Or, download all greenness project files, including SketchUp model and Lumion Presentation. Grab a trial version of Lumion and see just how easy it is to create beautiful rendering, animations, and MyLumion virtual tours.

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