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While we often use Lumion for exterior renderings, there are many excellent ways to create interior renderings. In our live webinar, we looked at lighting and effects, and we took an in-depth look to understand the properties of each type of light in Lumion. Mike walked us through a complete start-to-finish project, including how to import our SketchUp model, create a convincing environment, how to get the perfect recipe for interior lighting, each of the Lumion light sources, and how to create final renderings with standard and stylistic effects. We’ve compiled an image gallery here with all of the renderings that we created during the webinar.

If you would like to view the entire webinar, we have a recap video below. Be sure and bookmark our “Capturing Lumion Interiors” blog post, and check out our newest online training course, SketchUp for Professionals, where you can learn how to create the Master Suite model we used in this webinar.