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Over the past few weeks I had an exciting opportunity to test drive Lumion 6.  In short, this release is best described as a “quality release”.  You will not see a mass of new tools and buttons, but you will notice that everything you already loved about Lumion is even more refined and obviously superior to the previous release.  Most notable to me, Lumion 6 is packed with several new rendering technologies, new and updated effects, and expanded entourage possibilities.  The team at Lumion seems to know exactly where to spend their time to give us the most value on new releases.

Even though Lumion has a very intuitive “game style” interface, new features are sometimes hard to find.  I took some time to record tutorials explaining my favorite new features and how to find them.  You will find the videos above helpful for both understanding why the new features and updates are valuable as well as how to use them.

The condensed list of new features follows (see full list here):

  • New technologies for enhanced materials, reflections, shadows and lighting:PureGlass®, Speedray™ Reflections, OmniShadow™, Hyperlight® 2
  • Improved material surfaces
  • New and improved effects, including: Improved Depth of Field, Curve in Mass Move, Autumn Generator, Animated Spotlight Colors, Styrofoam
  • Improved sky realism
  • Silhouette style for animated 3D people
  • 212 new trees and plants
  • 20 new animated variations of 3D people from aXYZ Design
  • 20 new sounds
  • People-in-vehicles option
  • 80 new Advanced Glass materials created using Lumion Pro’s own PureGlass® technology
  • Improved interoperability for seamless communication with 3D CAD programs
  • Improved rendering performance in Photo Mode