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3d Model Types For Designers

By | Blog, ConDoc Tools, Lumion, SketchUp
At Brightman Designs we work on a wide array of projects ranging from residential to commercial, traditional to modern, covering area from lots to blocks to miles of highway.  Each project brings specific needs and challenges for visually communicating design.  There is no one size...
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Brightman Designs greeness sketchup

MyLumion: Client Friendly 3d

By | Blog, Lumion, MyLumion, SketchUp
Once the team at Brightman Designs discovered Lumion we abandoned all other rendering software and haven’t looked back.  We use Lumion every day, on every project.  Last month we were understandably excited when the Lumion 5.7 update came with the new MyLumion — a powerhouse...
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Drones and Visualization

By | Blog, Drones, SketchUp | No Comments

My older brother Steve and I have been fascinated by technology since day one. This started at a very early age with video games that developed strong eye hand coordination, then evolved into building, playing with, and destroying anything radio controlled. We worked through cars,…

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Introduction to Lumion

By | Blog, Lumion, Office Hours Session | No Comments

Lumion is an amazing rendering software that will completely change the way you visualize and explore designs.  The software is extremely fast and easy to use, yet surprisingly produces beautiful photorealistic images and animations.  How?  Lumion relies heavily on your graphics card, similar to a video game,…

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SketchUp is BIM

By | BIM, Blog, SketchUp | One Comment

The “SketchUp is BIM” webinar was a live discussion and presentation regarding SketchUp’s expanding presence in the BIM arena.  I challenged attendees to rethink their definition of BIM and open their minds to new workflow possibilities.  This presentation focused on the most effective process for creating construction documents and…

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Lumion 3D Cookbook Review

By | Blog, Lumion

We recently got our hands on an invaluable resource for Lumion users, a beautifully concise and informative eBook, “Lumion 3D Cookbook” by Ciro Cardoso. This book is excellent for beginners and seasoned Lumion users alike. It is packed full of useful shortcuts and “recipes” for maximizing Lumion’s efficiency and…

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