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Capturing Lumion Interiors

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Whenever I talk about Lumion, I often focus on exteriors because of Lumion’s easily accessible environment resources, including oceans, landforms, foliage, and weather. The truth is, Lumion is excellent for creating interiors as well and to do this, it requires a different approach for lighting...
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The Move Tool

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THE MOVE TOOL The Move Tool is the number one destroyer of models. Its quick ability to alter, bend, and break geometry is unparalleled. With this power, the Move Tool offers up much more than transferring entities from here to there.  This tool doubles as...
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Authentic Visualizations in Lumion 7

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GAME CHANGER Lumion 7 has arrived and it is spectacular! Render times are even snappier than before and the improvement in output quality is apparent with every image you create. Lumion 7 is another quality release, rather than a “feature release”; it already does everything...
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Lumion Summer Competition 2016

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Hey Students!  Lumion is hosting another design competition this summer! All you need to do is re-imagine an iconic building, create an animation in the new free student version, and upload your original design by September 5, 2016. You could win $5000, your own Lumion Pro...
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Expand Your Object Library

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Efficient Visualizations Visualizations can be used to convey design to a client, raise money from investors, and help designers make informed decisions.  They can be polished for weeks or pushed out in hours.  Some visualizations are photorealistic, while others are sketchy and conceptual.  Regardless of...
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3d Model Types For Designers

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At Brightman Designs we work on a wide array of projects ranging from residential to commercial, traditional to modern, covering area from lots to blocks to miles of highway.  Each project brings specific needs and challenges for visually communicating design.  There is no one size...
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Drones and Visualization

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My older brother Steve and I have been fascinated by technology since day one. This started at a very early age with video games that developed strong eye hand coordination, then evolved into building, playing with, and destroying anything radio controlled. We worked through cars,…

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